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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

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Okay, somehow, some way, you suddenly find yourself reading this. This ain't your normal Final Fantasy site. If you're looking for a walkthrough, materia lists, magic list and so forth, you won't find it here. What you'll find here is something, well, different. Just check out the stuff on the left.


It's just a couple of hours to a new year and since I'm stuck at home I decided to write up a Parasite Eve II review. It's up at the Reviews section, as ususal.

The Chrono Cross site is finally up. Check it out through the link on the left. And what better way to commemorate it then having a review of it? Check the Reviews too.

Not a real update, just wanna inform that I'm gonna leave this site alone for some time as I am working on the Chrono Cross section, which is actually another site altogether. Hopefully I can finish it soon, as I have plans for more Fantasy battles, as well as putting up reviews of Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2.

Tweaked the site a little bit

Finished the coolest character sections. Check it out!