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Jyakotu is the leader of most of the guys on the villains list. He is in cahoots with Yamaneko, which is kinda obvious when you look at their almost similar attire. Don't underestimate him just because he looks old, he is pretty strong.

Karsh is first seen with Sugar and Salton, the two bumbling idiots (the Biggs and Wedge of Chrono Cross, maybe?), and is also the first real boss you'll fight. He is one tough guy, and one of his attacks is to call his pet dinosaur and charge at you. Karsh has some kind of history with Grenn, Ridel and Dario, which actually plays a significant part in the story.

I'm sure you're thinking, 'This kid? The one wearing a pink dress and oversized platforms is a villain?' Well, you won't be laughing when she kicks your butt. Obviously her physical power is not too great, but her magic is pretty darn strong. She is another one of those under Jyakotu.

You just gotta love non-linearity. You might or might not meet this guy early on, depending on what path you choose. Fret not, you'll still meet him later on, but he'll have additional help. I don't know whether to describe this guy as incredibly smart or incredibly stupid, as he only protects his head and leaves his whole body open.

Lucca's long lost sister? Not quite, but she does seem to know who Lucca is. She is a scientist, but dabbles in the biological department instead. In your first meeting with her, she won't let you pass until you defeat her little, mean and living onions. That's right, little walking onions. I do not recommend eating them.

This is the only person in this list who is not under Jyakotu's employ. This guy is tough, and you probably know that just by looking at him. One of his special techniques involves using his ultra-funky hair to generate a laser that can hurt everyone. Also, if you take a close look at his left arm, it's actually mechanical. Another one of his attacks is detaching this arm and firing it at one person. No, I'm not kidding!