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Hot on the heels of Brave Fencer Musashi is DewPrism. Like Musashi, DewPrism is also an action RPG by Square. Square is relatively new in the action-RPG department, which has been pretty much dominated by Zelda, and it seems to show in both titles.

In DewPrism, you have a choice between two characters, Rue and Mint. Both of them have different storylines as well as different abilities, promising good replay value for the game. Both of them are in search of the legendary DewPrism, for different reasons. Mint wants to usurp her sister, who has been chosen to be the heir of the throne in favor of Mint, whilst Rue is looking to resurrect his sister who was killed 3 years ago by a mysterious stranger.

DewPrism plays a lot like Musashi. You値l have the common option of jump, attack, use special power and so on. The gameplay is pretty much the same: walk around, whack the baddies, enter dungeons, fight bosses. I think one of the best aspects in Musashi, the bosses, was nicely emulated in Dewprism. Most of the bosses are unique, requiring different strategies to win. Although it is true that all you値l need is a certain pattern to defeat a boss, you値l have to keep a cool head to win. Similar to Musashi, there値l also be special scenarios that require you to do something different, for example trying to avoid being flattened by a big boulder, or trying to outrun a monster who痴 faster than you. Now how do you do that?

Many complained that Musashi was too childish. Well, the creators seem to be happy with that, as they kept that kind of feeling for DewPrism. The characters themselves are comical, and through the course of the game you値l likely laugh at what some of them will do.

In the world of DewPrism, money is obtained by selling the carcasses of the monsters that you kill (incredibly, some of these carcasses include humans). Like normal RPGs, this money can be used to buy items or upgrade your weapon.

Also present is the MP bar. MP is used by the characters to utilize special powers, where Rue can use magic whilst Mint can change into certain monsters. Simple enough, MP can be regained by hitting your opponents.

Graphically, DewPrism is pretty impressive. The people in the game look good, the bosses look awesome, and the surroundings are just great. The music was tailor-made for this kind of game, the type of music that makes you just want to jump up and down.

Square has a winner in DewPrism. Whilst it might never be as good as any of the Final Fantasies, this game is all about fun. Fans of Musashi and platform games will love DewPrism, for its simple play and nice story. As mentioned, with two characters of different stories and different abilities, DewPrism has excellent replay value.

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