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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

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Terra Branford

Terra was first seen romping around using Magitek armor with Biggs and Wedge (them two continually returning dweebs). After an encounter with an Esper, she breaks free from the Imperial's control, which leaves her confused about her past. It was later revealed that she was half-Esper and half-human, the result of an objected marriage between Esper and human. Able to harness power like an Esper, she is one tough momma.

How come she's no.3? Like mentioned, she is one powerful girl. Being the daughter of Maduin, you'd probably expect that. She is one hell of a magic user, shown by the fact that she fried 50 Magitek soldiers in just 3 minutes (not with a frying pan, of course)

Show me no.2!!