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Fantasy Battles

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Round 1, Fight!

Okay, I really need to mention something here. Fantasy Battles is not supposed to be something serious, rather it is supposed to be something like a comical view of some of the characters of this series if they came face to face with each other. So the normal "Squall's Lionheart would kill Cloud straight away" sadly doesn't apply here. Well, here they are

Squall vs Cloud
Sephiroth vs Kefka
Aeris vs Quistis
Locke vs Yuffie
Zell vs Sabin
Irvine vs Edgar

Please take note of some minor details:

1. Winners are determined by yours truly. It is not based on anything, but my own preference. So please, no e-mails about who's supposed to win against who.

2. Again, I must stress that this is just some kind of parody. I do not intend to offend anyone in particular. If I do, please inform me and I'll make suitable adjustments

3. There might be spoilers around, so proceed at your own risk

4. Comments are always welcomed.