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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

My E-Mail

Hi, I'm Cloud Strife from Nibelheim and I'm gonna kick your butt today.


(Squall makes a slash with his gunblade at Cloud)

What the?? How the heck can you attach a gun to that blade??

(Cloud forgot that we come from the Final Fantasy series where nothing makes sense, which is why they call it Fantasy)

Hey, what are you thinking about?


(The battle goes on with exchanges of blows between the buster sword and the gunblade)

Wait a sec!!


I just remembered something! I used to like the Backstreet Boys and all those other Boy Bands!! It was such a bad memory that I decided to block it and replace it with the memory that I like punk music!! Now I don't have to go with this punk hairstyle when I can copy Nick Carter's hair!!


(With physical battle coming to a deadlock, it boils down to magic)

I cast Aura!!

Aura?? Lemme check my Final Fantasy never existed before this....what does it do?

Oh, it's supposed to make you mad or something, so that you can use limit breaks more often

Cool......can I have some??

Sure. Since I'm a b*stard who doesn't care about others, I'll cast it on you

Great...thanks man....Wow, I don't even need to get hurt to use Omnislash...

Generally I don't care what is an Omnislash, but now I'm just stupidly curious. What is it?

Here, let me show you a demonstration

(Cloud cuts Squall to pieces with Omnislash)

Urrghh..y,!! Gonna...tell...Sis!!

The Winner:Cloud