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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

Cult of Kefka

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Gals, Gals, Gals!

Quistis. Celes. Yuffie. Rosa. Faris. Rinoa. Tifa. Kefka (?). They're all girls (well, most of them). They're all from Final Fantasy. Most of them look pretty. Most of them can kick your butt any day. But the who's the best among them?? Well, in the following pages, you'll find out soon enough.

In order to construct this little list, I carried out a small poll. The results were based on this poll, so please don't tell me Kefka deserves to be number one or Aeris should be number 1,000,000 or anything like that. Also, there might be spoilers littered around, so proceed at your own risk. Don't sue me saying I didn't warn you.

Let's start with no.5