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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

Cult of Kefka

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So you’re a thief too, huh?

Well, specifically I’m a materia thief, but generally, yeah, I’m a thief

Well, then you forgot the first rule of thievery. Always be careful. This look familiar?

My materia! In that case Mr Cole, you should know the second rule of thievery. Never leave yourself open when you steal. Does this look familiar?

My wallet! You’re gonna pay for that!

Oh, I think your wallet can pay it for me, hee hee!!

(Locke tries to steal his wallet back, but was unsuccessful)

Hmph, you’re pretty good, kid

Of course, Yuffie is always number one!

Well, we’ll see how you fare in combat

(Both of them trade numerous blows, but after a while it comes to a stalemate)

Hey Mr Cole, who’s this Rachel?

She’s my...hey, how do you know her?

Her name’s on this handkerchief I just stole from you

What! Give it back!! It means a lot to me!!!

Hmm...considering we’re now in a stalemate, how bout if you concede, and I’ll give you back your precious little handkerchief


Alrighty!! Heehee!!

(Yuffie hands over the handkerchief, and as Locke takes it he lands a solid punch on Yuffie that knocks her unconscious)

Sorry rookie, you forgot number twenty three. Never trust anyone

The Winner:Locke Cole