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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

Cult of Kefka

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So, youíre gonna be my opponent today huh?

I must warn you, if I die, all the women in the world will grieve!!

They wonít have time to grieve for you when theyíre gawking at me

Donít worry, Iíll make sure it doesnít happen by defeating you

(Irvine lets loose some rifle shots at Edgar, but Edgar manages to avoid them. Edgar retaliates by closing in on Irvine and with a quick slash of his sword, destroys Irvineís rifle)


Now that youíre unarmed, you might as well give up

Hey look, thereís a bunch of girls there!

Where? Where!?

(Distracted, Edgar was open to Irvineís punch, and he lost his sword as an added bonus)

Hah, now weíre both unarmed

OwwÖI despise you for using such an underhand tactic. Hey, thereís a group of teenage girls rushing at you!

Huh? Where??

(This time, Irvine was distracted and he was open to Edgarís punch)

Heh, you really think that girls will chase you while Iím around?

You think youíre such a babe-magnet...then why donít you have a girlfriend or even a wife?

Umm....uhh....well, thereís Figaro Castle to take care off...and my brother Sabin as well....

You just canít admit that youíre not as good a babe-magnet as I am

You? Babe-magnet? Please, you must be joking. And you too donít have a significant other to show it

Err....well, a sniperís life is always lonely and...I donít get out much and.....uhh....

Youíre just making up pitiful excuses to cover it up. I donít know why Iím wasting my time with you

(Edgar whips out one of his tools and tries to attack Irvine, but instead brings up a cloud of dust. As it clears, a well-placed bullet ends Edgarís life)

Snipers may be lonely, but we get the job done

The Winner:Irvine Kinneas