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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

Cult of Kefka

My E-Mail

Hey, I seem to be alive..

For the purpose of this fight, we will assume that you're still alive and didn't get gutted by Sephiroth.

Oh, okay. Hey, what do you mean fight? I hate fighting!! Fighting only brings violence, and violence can't be good right?? Besides, I'm just a flower girl who sells flowers, which oh by the way, care for a flower for one gil?? And above all, I'm an Ancient who's supposed to protect the planet from any evil and anything associated with the word evil including South Park and......

(Quistis gives Aeris a hard knock on the back of the head)

What a sorry excuse for a female.

Ouch....that wasn't nice....

Prepare to defend yourself perp!!

Okay....but only cos you said so....

(Obviously enough, Quistis gains the upper hand after just a few rounds of fighting)

Hah! This is the girl who's supposed to be the saviour of the planet?

I told you, I'm not much of a fighter..

Who cares??

Well, Cloud would have, but now he's with that overly busting Tifa, and I'm nothing to him now......

Hey, y'know what? You're just like me. I like Squall, but he likes Rinoa. But Rinoa's not overly busting of course poor little thing...wanna talk about it?

Wha....No one has ever wanted to talk to me about it....

So do I take that as a yes?

Errr....I think so....

The Winner:Depends on how you look at it, so you decide