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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

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Hey, put erí there

Whatís a "put erí there"?

Darn, why do I get all the unfriendly people?

(Zell throws a couple of punches at Sabin, but Sabin doesnít even flinch)

Hah, itíll take more than that to take me down

Man, you said it. How did you get a body as tough as a rock?

Well, that Cindy Crawford workout video wasnít as bad as everyone says

Ahh....I see.....

(Zell throws a flurry of punches at Sabin, but Sabin counters and does a supplex on Sabin that left him walking silly)

Ready to give up yet??

(Zell jumps up and attacks Sabin with a Meteo Shot, who was caught off guard)

Aaarghh....that was....a good move....

You ainít seen nothing yet! Final Heaven!!

(Zell starts to run with the speed of light, and in no time circles the whole world to attack Sabin. Sabin however, simply holds Zellís punch with one hand)

What the?!?! How can you stop my Final Heaven?

Well, since I am from FFVI, I was able to play FFVII which you didnít, since you came later. I noticed that your move was same as Tifaís, so I was able to handle it pretty nicely

No!! Damn Square for using a previously-used move for me!!

In case you didnít notice, Dolphin Blow was also used by Tifa

What!?!?! Why do these things happen to me?

Hey, count yourself lucky that youíre based on an overly-busting woman

Gee, that makes me feel a lot better already. Sheesh

Well, no use prolonging your pain now

(Sabin twists Zellís hand that he was holding at repeatedly lands blows on Zellís body. By the time he was finished, Zell was totally motionless)

Put er' there matey. Heh

The Winner:Sabin Figaro