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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

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Chrono Cross

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Seifer Almasy

Poor Seifer. He had the chance of becoming one of the greatest villains ever. He showed good promise early on, defeating Squall in a training session and injuring him, although he himself got injured. That showed that he is equal, if not better than Squall. Then he went for the SeeD test, and proceeded to ignore his orders. He had all the criteria of being a great bad guy, but he just had to be controlled by a witch. Not once, but twice. This reduced him to literally a wimp who wanted to serve as a 'knight' to the witch

So why is he no.5? Well, regardless of this, he's still one hell of a guy. One of the best reasons I can come up with: He killed Odin. He killed Odin. All the while you've been seeing Odin come, Odin go, leaving all monsters cut up into pieces. When you fought Seifer, Odin came, but he left in pieces, courtesy of Mr Almasy. Okay, so after that he got swept away by Gilgamesh, but imagine killing a Guardian Force, the same way that GF would kill its' opponents.

So who's after Seifer?