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Don't ask me what he's made of, I'm not sure myself. By the looks of it, he's possibly a cousin of Scarecrow. He is first encountered as an idol in a small temple, and in the game itself, it seems that he has a stick sticking through him. I have no idea why.

Does his name sound familiar? Remember Frog from Chrono Trigger? His real name was Glenn. There has been some debate as to whether the Glenn of Chrono Trigger and the Grenn of Chrono Cross is the same person, but that is unlikely the case. Coincidentially, his dual attack is an X-Strike with Serge. Hmm???

Korcha lives with his mother and sister in Gardov. For some reason, he likes to go sailing on his little sail boat. When you meet him in Termina City, he'll be, yep, sailing. Don't ask me to explain his attire, I don't know why he's wearing his underpants outside.

As the name suggests, she is indeed Korcha's mother. For her size, you'd expect her to be quite tough, and she is. Well, not that powerful, but she is above average. Not surprisingly, one of her special techniques involves using her massive butt to jump on the unfortunate opponent. Ouch.

You can find this guy early on in Aruni village, but he doesn't really live there. Instead, he lives in his own hut in a secluded island, which plays host to some major events later. During your first couple of minutes into the game, he acts as the battle system tutor, teaching you how to use the game's battle system. And he'll kill you, no matter what at the end of each lesson. Mean guy.

Snotty little brat, this kid is. Actually, he is a painter, and a pretty good one at that. His persona in the two dimensions are totally different: in one he is rich and lives in a mansion, in the other he is quite poor and lives in a normal house. Fortunately, he doesn't use paintbrushes as his weapon, but a boomerang instead. One of his special techniques though, has him painting the whole surrounding, and hence changing the field element to a singular color.

This little pink dog is actually the first character that you can recruit. It can be found in Aruni village, playing with a little girl. Just give it a bone and it'll join you. Pretty obvious, huh? Even for a dog, this little creature is kinda weird looking.

Not much is known about this little guy, as I haven't been able to get him yet. But if you look closely, his head is actually a turnip, I think. And those feet look like they belong to a duck. One of Lutianna's creations, probably?