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Ayla's daughter? She definitely has the look, but then again she would be about 6 million years old. Besides using an axe as a weapon, Leea is pretty much similar to Ayla. She runs the same way, even has a little tail at the back like Ayla, and is also very powerful. Although she is a bit small, her attacking power is second only to Serge's.

A mermaid (doh), Irenes hails from the small town of Mabure. She seems to have no problem at all walking on land using her fins. Her magic is powerful, in fact, that is all she is good at. Not too terrific in physical combat.

Huh, again I haven't obtained this character and so cannot give any comment on it. She looks like a flower creature if you ask me.Man, can any of these characters get any weirder??

No, this is not the super duper ultra rare Pokemon. It is not even close to Pokemon. This little guy here can be found early on in Farga's ship, running away from you. When you reach it, it joins you. Weird, huh?? Somehow, it can speak even though its mouth looks to have been sewed close.

Dude, call Mulder and Scully!! An alien is on the loose!! So this guy might look harmless, but when you first meet him, he'll tower over you like, 5 times higher than anyone. But when he joins you, he shrinks himself to a size smaller than Leea. Interestingly enough, his special technique is to call a robot, reminiscent of a mecha from classic anime, and proceeds to command the robot to pulverize the opponent.

Another child. From his name and looks, it is obvious that he is a dragon, a baby perhaps. Not much info is available on this little guy (in other words, I did not get him)

Now here's a cool lady. Not only is she terrific in magic, she's also quite decent in the physical combat department. From Gardov, she'll guide Serge to a very important place in the future. And for some reason, during combat she wears pants, not the attire you see here. If you look at her battle stance, you'd swear she's a skillful fighter instead of a mage.

This girl has to be one of the weirdest characters. Until now I'm not sure whether those ears and paws are real or just some kind of costume. She can be found managing a battle arena on Farga's ship. If you can beat her monsters, she'll join you. Apparently, she uses a carrot as a weapon.

Not to be confused with that alien that eats cats. Alf, although looking like someone from a masquerade, is actually a powerful black mage. In fact, early on he has the most powerful move available. He doesn't like gravity much, as he hovers around instead of running on the ground and lets his staff float instead of holding it.