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Farga is the head of a band of pirates. He'll force you to fight his pet bird (no, not a parrot) before challenging you himself during the game. In one dimension, he is pretty much your typical pirate, but in the other he turns his ship into, basically, an amusement park. This is pretty much due to the influence of his son.

Believe it or not, this guy is Farga's son. Unlike the Slash in Chrono Trigger, this guy is the real rock and roll star. I mean, just look at him. He reminds me of Marilyn Manson. Thanks to non-linearity, you might or might not get Slash at all in the game. Like father like son, he also has a ship for himself, which he uses as his base I guess.

Miki is one of the main dancers of Slash's retinue. Besides that, not much is known about her as she doesn't seem to have any kind of past. Ok, so I haven't been able to get her. Yet.

Orlha lives in Gardov where she works as a bartender. She seems to have some kind of a relationship with another character. Don't let that girlish hair fool you, she's a tough one. You'll see what I mean when a misunderstanding leads to a battle between you and her. After that you won't laugh at her ponytails. Like Tifa, she uses her bare hands, literally, to fight. Actually, I think she knows a type of martial arts, karate probably.

This guy looks like he was taken from a chapter of the Three Musketeers. He can be found at the Smithy in Telmina City, and is one of the characters who you might get or not get at all, like Slash.

Ishito is one of the generals, if not probably the leader, of the army that is against Jyakotu's own army. Fitting with his policeman-type attire, Ishito uses a gun as his weapon. He is one of the few characters who actually look decent and normal.

The first few words that probably came to your mind when you saw this guy is 'pro-wrestler'. True enough, with his mask and attire, he looks like one. I'm not sure whether he is, but his strength says that he is. He can be found in Telmina City, and his home is next to the shrine made up by Grenn.

A cousin of Twinkerbell, Lazzuly is a fairy. She is being held captive by a Land Kraken in Hidora Swamp. You can save her of course, if you beat the Land Kraken. Again, she is a victim of non-linearity and it is possible that you won't get her at all. Oh well, she wouldn't be much use anyway when you have people like Farga and Grenn in your party.