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(Note: I haven't been able to obtain the pictures of these characters. If someone can point me to them I'd appreciate it)

This green guy can be found in the, well, kinda like the 'End of Time' place of Chrono Cross. His special technique is to morph into a monster of choice, pretty useful move actually.

Another character from Gardov, and as his name suggests, he is a healer. Well, you probably wouldn't expect that if you saw him. He seems to have some kind of a relationship with Orlha. And just as he uses knife on his patients, he also uses them on his opponents.

This guy is, well, totally a walking skeleton, with a weird hat and bib. Actually, a better description for him would be the skeleton of a clown. To get him, you'll have to play collect the bones as he is literally in pieces. When you get all parts, he'll become another character. Nifty, huh?

Despite being found in Jyakotu's mansion early on, she is actually a good person. She knows a lot of other characters, namely Grenn, Karsh, Dario and Jyakotu. What's her connection with Jyakotu is not clearly known, but she and the other three have known each other for quite some time already.

Dario is thought to be dead after going to a mission with Karsh. A shrine for him was built by Grenn at Telmina City. His cause of death remains a mystery. (of course I know, but I won't spoil it)

A blacksmith, he is kinda powerful, and wields a hammer. Not much of a fighter, you'll only care about him because he'll give you a very useful item that enables you to buy weapons, armor and accessories anywhere on the map or at save points.

Korcha's little sister. She seems to like Kid.

You've had your share of flower girl, turnip knight and now here is a mushroom boy. No kidding.