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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


Chrono Cross

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Locke Cole

Locke Cole, the popular thief from Final Fantasy VI (although he prefers the title 'treasure hunter'). First seen helping Terra escape Narshe, he then follows her and some friends to stop the Imperial led by Emperor Gestahl. Later, he hooks up with Celes, a former general of the Imperial, after he frees her from captivity. It was to be revealed later, that his previous girlfriend, Rachel, had died, and he blamed none other than himself for what happened to her.

Why is he no.2? He's the real ladies' man, not like Irvine Kinneas or Edgar Roni Figaro. He'd do anything for a lady. He went to a lot of trouble getting the Phoenix Esper so that he could revive Rachel. He held on to Celes when trying to escape from Kefka's Tower. He tried to hold on to Rachel. Also, he's a thief, and thieves are cool. Look at the other thieves, like Yuffie and uhh....and.... Ah, scrap that. Bottom line is, thieves are cool.

So who's the dude sitting on top?