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Fantasy Battles

Top 5 Coolest Male Characters

Top 5 Coolest Female Characters


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Rinoa Heartilly

The list wouldn't be complete without her, would it? Rinoa Heartilly, the leader of the Timber resistance group. She is the daughter of General Karaway, who is coincidentially (or maybe not) a general in the Galbadia government, the very group she opposes. She enlists the help of SeeD to aid her, but soon becomes embroiled in something much bigger. Oh yeah, she also becomes embroiled with Squall. Obviously her taste for guys is not too good (first Seifer, then Squall?)

How did she end up no.1? She's pretty. Okay, that might not be a good reason, but she really is! Looks aside, consider her background. She's the daughter of a general and a famous singer. She's basically part of a high-profile family. Yet she chose the life of being a rebel to the government and indirectly, her father. Yeah, teen rebellion rules!! Besides that, she's also pretty. Darn it, can't find a better reason than that. I don't think there is any. Like one guy said, "she's the most beautiful female in any Final Fantasy"

So who's the other one?