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Fantasy Battles

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Quistis Trepe

Quistis Trepe is a SeeD member from Balamb. She graduated early and became a teacher in Balamb Garden. Soon after Squall's induction into SeeD, she was demoted to a regular SeeD member, and subsequently fought side by side with her own student, Squall, against their old guardian Edea AKA Matron, and then Ultimecia.

How'd she make it here? Quistis is a very determined woman. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Just look at her. Joined SeeD early, becoming a teacher and all. Besides that, she also sets aside her emotions to accomplish her objectives. How often do you see that? She never let the fact that she fancied Squall a little impede her life unlike some others *cough*rinoatifa*cough* Also, a popular reason among guys: A teacher with a whip. Nuff said.

And the other one is....